Nonprofit PR Now
"Building Relationships for Results"

The Sudbury Savoyards Christmas Carol Press Release

Al LePage, ConsultantRelationships are the very foundation
 for producing results . . .

The "Ultimate Result" and measure of any nonprofit
 is carrying out their mission to achieve their vision.

  - Public relations, effective and ongoing   
    is crucial to carrying out an organization's work

  - Donor relations to maintain and increase funding
  - Government relations to maintain and start
      new programs, projects and policies
  - Media relations to reach out and inform the public
  - Event relations to educate the public
  - Organizational relations both internally
     with staff, volunteers, between the CEO and board
     and with other organizations and all their people

Relationships move an organization forward
 to successfully accomplish their goals through
 strategies involving more effective planning,
 fund-raising, advocacy,
lobbying, education, outreach
 and events using the knowledge and skills of a professional
 public relations specialist with such varied experience.

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